Emmanuelle Linard


Emmanuelle Linard joined Lidewij Edelkoort in Paris in July 1989 to work at the Trend Union production department. Emmanuelle established herself in New York in 1999 to start up the Edelkoort Inc corporation with Lidewij.

Emmanuelle started her career with the Trend Union European office where she headed the production department for 10 years. Partner and executive director Emmanuelle Linard has distilled her mentor’s style of observing the world around her, studying the links between fashion, art, design, and culture to discern consumers attitudes and describe the analytical trend process. An engaging speaker, Emmanuelle travels to present Trend Union audiovisuals, the method of forecasting, and customized trend projects.

Identifying, decoding and communicating present and future attitudes, lifestyles, and economy trends are the company’s special focus.

The Edelkoort Group has developed a solid reputation in the forecasting arena based on the accuracy of its trend messages as well as on the creative, inspiring, and aesthetic quality of its publications and audiovisuals. The Edelkoort visual language of expressing these trends is unique as it speaks directly to viewers’ psyche and stimulates their creativity.

Emmanuelle has 15 years of experience of partnership with major U.S. and international companies in the industries of apparel & accessories, beauty, interiors, electronics, transportation, food, well-being, banks and other fields, using lifestyles to understand global trend cycles, and design to talk to consumers. Emmanuelle develops with the team identity and strategy studies for US-based brands eager to grow.