5:30 pm - 6:15 pm / 3 April 2014

Interior Perspectives – Getting It Right In-Store

John Ryan

Galata Greek School | Istanbul


It’s one thing to get a shop in the right location, but quite another to use the space to its advantage, so that shoppers will want to keep coming back.

What is it that makes people walk into a particular shop and once inside, what makes them want to buy?

A whistle stop tour of the best visual merchandising: how it works and what effect it has upon the consumer. Get your visual merchandising sorted and you have a chance of success. Overlook it and perhaps it might be time to think of something else.


John Ryan

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John Ryan is a journalist covering retail design and marketing for a wide variety of magazines and newspapers.

As Stores Editor of Retail Week and European editor of VMSD, he has written about the sector for more than 12 years and as well as occasional appearances on the TV and radio, he is a frequent speaker on conference platforms around the world. He is also online editor of retail design magazine www.alumind.com

 In a previous life he was a retail buyer, a role he fulfilled for 13 years, working in London and Dusseldorf.