1:00 pm - 2:00 pm / 24 January 2014

The versatility of ceramics for lasting emotions

Andrea Finozzi

The NWBLK | San Francisco

The environment you live in is an expression of the self, an extension of the soul. There is a product, which respects Florim’s creed: to help creating spaces for a maximum flexibility of use.

There are places that are much more than just a place to live.

There are environments, which may not be able to speak, but that can look after all our senses.


Andrea Finozzi

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San Francisco

Born in Vicenza, Mr. Finozzi’s actual position is the sales manager for North America at Florim group.

With an economic orientation, always keeping an eye of attention on the design world, he walked through the passage between several famous brands who marked his experience in the furniture market. Collaborations mention Cappellini, Depadova , Bulthaup and experiences find their perfect expression into the Milano Fuori Salone. In the last 5 years as an active participation, he has created atmospheres to solicit the creativity of Architects and Designers, the natural orientation to the precious products always connected to the simplicity and beauty.

As the stone and the precious metals altogether, reminding of his native city, Vicenza, he tries to deliver to the entire world the application of precious materials as jewels, integrated in the everyday living and in products for the architecture. Andrea Finozzi started a strong cooperation with several Italian companies into the Natural Stone products. This helped in the last years to cover a new segment.

The Tile Industry, where as responsible for the North America market he found the perfect combination of an entirely Green Product respecting the nature and offering advanced systems of production for all the Italian brands of Florim Group.

His connection with the tile industry is the natural expression of design and the offer of products respecting the environment.