New Visual Merchandising Strategies to Leverage Results in Retail

Camila Salek

IED - Instituto Europeo de Design | Rio de Janeiro

VM on the current retail – about new stores’s formats and new ways to invest in point of sale (POS).

Currently, we live a kind of migration of a piece of the conventional media budget (as advertisements of newspaper, magazines and TV) to investments in the point of sale (stores). I will emphasize this topic with practical examples, talking about real cases in this way that achieved excellent results.

Today, the store is a very important point into a marketing strategy and thinking about a new brand campaign means rethinking the point of sale (POS) and the zones of contact that consumer will have with the product. This is the new Visual Merchandising.


Camila Salek

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Rio de Janeiro

Graduated in Advertising and Marketing at ESPM University in Sao Paulo, post-graduated in Fashion Creation at Santa Marcelina College, she has accomplished complementary Branding specializations at FGV also in Sao Paulo and Visual Merchandising at Saint Martin School London.

She’s been acting on the market since 1999 working as a visual merchandising professional. She has been performed on executive roles in company groups such as the multinational C&A and Forum.

In 2006, she launched Vimer Experience Merchandising aiming to offer a complete solution for retail and visual merchandising to fashion brands. She is a contributor on different fashion and trend publications, in special WGSN (London) which she is responsible for giving reports of coolhunting in retail every six months.

Vimer vm