4:00 pm - 4:45 pm / 3 April 2014

How to create a more engaging retail experience?

Alastair Kean

Galata Greek School | Istanbul


Retailers today are expected to go the extra-mile for shoppers – to educate and know them, whilst delivering a rich content, exclusively tailored to authenticating the retail experience.

Dalziel and Pow’s presentation on How to create a more engaging retail experience? – The influences on Shopper Behavior  goes beyond simple behavioral observations, but brings the shoppers front-of-stage; listening and talking to them about their needs from retailers today.

Based on the agency’s research, Dalziel + Pow has made five retail design recommendations and carefully crafted the ‘Shopper Life Stages’, an essential framework that is applicable to all sectors within retail design.


Alastair Kean

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Alastair Kean has spent most of his career with Dalziel & Pow following his graduation from the Glasgow School of Art. His design skills focus on Retail Design where he is involved in projects both as lead designer and team leader. Promoted in 2001 to a Board Director, his work in recent years has been increasingly international, with projects from Department Stores in Denmark, to banks across the Middle East and more recently working with a number of retailers in Turkey. Alastair has also overseen the developed Dalziel and Pow’s digital capabilities, building and integrating a new set of skills to enhance D&P’s capabilities.


Dalziel and Pow are a London-based design agency with over 30 years of experience, specializing in creating unique brands and retail experiences. The key to their worldwide success is understanding how customers interact with brands and designing with them in mind – driving brand awareness, product interaction and ultimately, making the retail experience effective and profitable.

Their integrated approach to design offers a full range of design services, from brand positioning, identity design and retail design, to graphic design, photographic art direction and digital design.