3:00 pm - 5:00 pm / 29 August 2014

Brand DNA | Making Retail successful in an international setting


IED - Instituto Europeo de Design | Rio de Janeiro

A Q&A section with some of the top players in the retail industry… 

Together with O Negócio do Varejo, ROAD will lead a Q&A presentation at ROAD Rio de Janeiro. The ROAD Q&A formula will consist of  20′ minute sections where the interviewer will ask questions dedicated to the charismatic people in the retail business.

INTERVIEWER: Joao Batista FERREIRA  (Director of the Retail Design Institute – Chapter Brazil and Director of EISE – School of Innovation in services.) and Ricardo GUINANCIO (CEO of O Negocio do Varejo ). 

INTERVIEWEES (for 20 minutes each):

  • Andre CARVALHAL:  Marketing manager and content fashion brand female FARM
  • Diogo GUIMARAES: Marketing Director of Chilli Beans 
  • Patricia BIRMAN: CEO and Founder of Memo 
  • Pedro De Lamare: CEO of Gula-Gula

Final interview with Abramo Manfrotto, CEO of ALU and founder of ROAD.