Retail Design Show



In an ever changing world of technology and trends, quality decisions from top retail executives are more important than ever. It is not just about product anymore. It’s about getting the customers engaged and interested within the brick and mortar store. At the core of this is a combination of fixtures, flooring, lighting, sound, visuals and an overall engaging atmosphere. Until now, the only place to review and interact with these components that enhance a brand’s identity and its fundamental elements in the purchasing choices of customers was found in separate tradeshow platforms.

Conceived over the last 5 years, ROAD – Retail Design Show is Abramo Manfrotto’s exploration into a new type of platform for the retail design and architecture industries. While looking to educate, inspire and evolve, ROAD’s main goal is to travel the world and stop at key locations, bringing the premier influencers from retail and design to local environments.

“We want to surpass the boundaries of the tradeshow norm and allow retailers to constantly be inspired to keep up with the ever-changing retail design and visual merchandising industry.”

ROAD provides its participants with a genuine experience, making use of the right tools to customize and reinvent the spatial possibilities of the retail environment. The Retail Design Show is also a networking platform for architects, designers and retailers alike that can share, experience and learn from each other in an inspiring environment of innovation.

During each event, ROAD features a specially crafted program of workshops, speeches, demonstrations, and networking opportunities for all invited guests and registered participants. ROAD is a project done in collaboration with international partners from adjoined areas, each bringing their collaborative expertise and offering a complete retail design experience.